Recently we have also started to offer the possibility to have smaller, but valuable batches processed without charge via PC-Donatie. Provided that the yield exceeds the travel costs the hardware can be included in a regular collective batch of smaller hardware batches.




In April we have installed the 4000th CLASSworks computer and that definitely is not the last, because an increasing number of schools relies on Viafrica for implementing a computer room.


We could not have achieved this without the many people involved who supported Viafrica...


The different activities of Viafrica have been given new names. The old names did not sufficiently cover the contents and possibilities of those activities.

  • KIDSworks is now called CLASSworks Mobile
  • CLASSworks is now called CLASSworks Infrastructure
  • CLASSworks Box...

The KIDSworks pilot is in its final stages in Tanzania. For 9 weeks Viafrica has given KIDSworks sessions at a number of schools in cooperation with White Orange Youth. Five schools have used the Life Skills programme, in which students acquire life skills in the area of HIV/AIDS, drug abuse and...


Viafrica Germany is growing. It has been officially registered as a foundation in Germany. Apart from Laura Hinder and Maryanne Oloo 3 other volunteers are working for us there. They mainly support PC-Spenden, the German variation on PC-donatie. They will be presented to you in the next...