November 2011

Restart e-waste programme

Electronic waste (e-waste) is an ever-growing problem in Africa. The hardware Viafrica supplies to schools and other clients, will finally break down there. Because Viafrica does not want to increase the e-waste problem, we already started negotiations with possible partners a while ago to come to a solution for this. That is not simple, because local processing is still in its infancy in Africa.

Fri, 11/25/2011

NICE and Viafrica will establish 20 ICT centres in Tanzania

In 2010, a proposal was submitted to the EU Energy Facility for establishing 50 multifunctional ICT centres based on solar energy in The Gambia, Zambia and Tanzania under the flag of NICE International. For the twenty NICE Centres planned in Tanzania, Viafrica Tanzania is the local partner. Meanwhile the proposal has been approved and the preparations are in full swing.

Fri, 11/18/2011