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"The reason why we support the projects is because we think the approach of Viafrica is very efficient. The feedback, the travel reports and the photos regarding the successful projects highly appeals to us. We can see the results! No unnecessary costs are made, no obscure parties take part in the process and, most important of all, the use and more specifically the right use of the products and services provided by Viafrica to the schools are monitored during a prolonged period. All-in Logistics is very happy to be able and allowed to contribute its mite to the success of the Viafrica projects."

Brennus van der Klaauw Managing director


Since 2003 All-in Logistics takes care of all logistics for Viafrica. Donations in The Netherlands are picked and stored in their warehouse at Schiphol without any costs. Besides All-in arranges all international logistics and preparation of goods for shipments.